How to Be Successful Online, by Brian Gardner

Brian Gardner lists 5 things that were essential in establishing his online success in designing Premium WordPress Blog Themes. I also see the life & business coaching benefits of Brian’s list:

1) Establish a game plan
Part of this step is identifying not only what your good at, but also what you enjoy doing. A lot of us are good at our jobs, but if enjoyment isn’t there, life can really be a drag. …it’s essential to map out the direction you want to head. You might stray from time to time, and that’s ok, but keeping your eyes on the prize can really take you there.

2) Get yourself on the map
Take a chance, and email the owner of a site, and ask them if they need a redesign, or if you can offer your services at a discounted rate. …As I look back, there were two sites that I designed which, in my opinion, really helped me and my business take off.

3) Do favors for people
…whether it be to offer assistance at no charge, or simply do work for people at a discounted rate. …when you’re starting out, any exposure is good exposure. …I can recount at least two things I’ve done in the last year for people that have come back tenfold.

How To Be Successful Online, Part 1, by Brian Gardner

4) Be innovative, and take chances
So many of us (myself included) have a tendency to want to “mimic” those who are doing something successful. …but in my opinion it is far better to pioneer a concept, than to be a follower of one that already exists. Be innovative and take chances.

5) Put customer service on the top of your priority list
…I used to see customers on a daily basis, and I made it a point to get to know them – to learn their names, to know what they did, and to do little things for them that mattered. For as long as I am working in a business that deals with customers, I will do my best to put [customers] first. Make sure that they are happy with the product. In addition to that, it’s very important to set up an infrastructure for your business to accommodate your client base. Happy customers can be a huge marketing tool. They spread the word about you and your services and they refer others to your site. In other words, they can really help build your business for you. As long as you are willing to put them first, and to make them feel special.

How To Be Successful Online, Part 2, by Brian Gardner

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