I don't believe in just being postitive. I believe in being smart! – Tony Robbins interview

Tony Robbins interview

The Daily Love Interview’s Tony Robbins Backstage at Oprah’s Lifeclass in NYC!

  • Any intelligent person isn’t just going to be positive. I believe in being smart! Anticipate what’s coming. …to not just be positive but to be effective in your life, you have to anticipate what’s coming.
  • If you’re gonna have an extraordinary life you have to have extraordinary relationships.
  • I’ve never been a believer in just “motivation.” That’s what everybody calls me because the media has to pick a category. But I’m a student.
  • I don’t motivate people. I help people uncover who they are and let that shine naturally.
  • The personal improvement industry: I’m embarrassed by it, personally. There are a lot of charlatans out there and they hurt the industry.
  • I didn’t participate in “The Secret” for a very good reason. Because I don’t believe in “The Secret.” I think there’s many secrets.
  • Fantastic “finding the love of your life” advice (starting at 16:30).
  • Tony’s personal list for everything he could possibly want in a relationship. (starting at 18:20)

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