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I Wear An Eyepatch – Hook: The Presentation Conference

“I wear an eyepatch because (insert 3 things you hate about presenters or presentations that have made you stab yourself in the eye, either literally or figuratively, so that you would only have to see half of the presentation). That’s why I wear an eyepatch, and that’s why I’m hooked. Are you?”

Hook: The Presentation Conference is just what the doctor ordered for everyone who has ever faced the self- blinding misery of a poor presentation.

Keynote speakers: Gary Vaynerchuk, Scott Stratten of UnMarketing and Michael Hyatt.

On March 25th and 26th, 2011, a group of extraordinary individuals will descend upon Nashville, Tennessee. Their stage presence will be daunting. Their words will be as burning arrows. Their presentations will echo in the halls of eternity. When the doors slam shut and the cleanup crew wanders the conference rooms sweeping up cellophane wrappers, a miracle will have occurred: the Presentation Revolution will have begun.

30 million presentations are delivered each and every day. The vast majority are about to be exposed. Hook: The Presentation Conference will set loose an army of innovating rogues upon every sector in every corner of the world. You want to be on their side, because the new standard for presentations will be simple: did it make my cheeks flap like a bulldog hanging out of a fighter jet, or was I bored? A lot of presentations are going to fall short. Stand up, or be counted among the masses.

Your success, no matter what you want, depends on presentations. You won’t always have PowerPoint handy; you won’t always have a cup of herbal tea to calm you down. Hook brings together the brightest lights in the presentation world because no matter the circumstances, you have to perform. There’s no other gathering in the world that puts you in the cockpit with these experts. If you’re ready to see more results more often, you need to attend Hook.

The revolution is coming. The bar will be raised. On March 25th and 26th, 2011, find a way to get to Nashville, Tennessee. Get savvy with tomorrow’s world changers; make an investment in yourself. When the lights go down and the projector whirs, you’ll relish the moment as you crack your knuckles, lock eyes with the masses, and blow them all away.

Hook: The Presentation Conference.

The revolution awaits. Are you in?

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