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Cover Photo Size

The recommended size for cover photos is 420px by 654px* (or 1:1.55 ratio). Right now, you can’t edit your cover photo after you’ve uploaded it. Source

*Note: Instagram’s recommendation to use a 420px by 654px cover photo comes out with some of the top & bottom cut off. Next time I’m going to use the 1080×1350 4:5 ratio instead.

Video size

  • Minimum aspect ratio of 4:5 and maximum of 9:16.
  • Minimum 15 seconds. Maximum 10 minutes. Verified and larger accounts can upload hour-long videos.

Sharing a preview of your IGTV video to Feed and your profile

  • First 60 secs of video shows in feed.
  • Previews will show a 4:5 center crop of your IGTV video.
  • When 60-second Preview is finished a “Keep Watching” button is presented, which links to the full the IGTV video. Source

Designing IGTV Feed Preview Size

  • When designing for IGTV Feed Preview, Gary Vaynerchuk has a 4:5 vertical “Feed” Preview that links to a sideways-displayed 1920×1080
  • IGTV size: 1920×1080
  • IG Feed Preview size: 1350×1080

HitFilm Express Video Editing

Goal: A 60-second vertical IG Feed Preview that links to a 10-minute sideways IGTV video. This is how Gary Vaynerchuk has done it.

In HitFilm Express, the first 60 seconds of video MUST BE DESIGNED SIDEWAYS so it ends up being displayed VERTICALLY in the IG Feed.

This first 60-seconds is 1350×1080 and MUST have everything turned sideways. I saved the original 10-minute file as “IGTV Preview” and refocused on just the first 60 seconds by reformatting the Property Settings to 1080 wide x 1350 tall. Then Exported as MP4, then re-imported this 60-second MP4 into the ORIGINAL 10-minute HitFilm Express file. Then 90-degree rotated the imported 60-second MP4 Preview.

Rotating the final 10-minute MP4

Goal: 9:16 ratio video.

  • The whole output MP4 gets opened in QuickTime, rotated 90 degrees, output to .MOV.
  • Then the .MOV simply gets changed to .MP4. Then this file can be uploaded via

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