Lance Walley Interviewed by Rocketship.fm

Rocketship.fm interviews with my brother, Lance Walley, CEO of Chargify.com

Lance Walley of Chargify (Part 1): Pioneering the Rails Community with Engine Yard (Episode length 28:12)

Michael Sacca and Joelle Goldman talk to Lance about the early days of Engine Yard, pioneering the RoR movement, and lessons learned about hiring friends.

Lance Walley of Chargify (Part 2): Navigating the Highly Competitive Payment Space (Episode length 30:21)

Michael Sacca and Joelle Goldman talk to Lance about his early days with the company. He talks about what the payment space was like in 2009 and how things have changed over the past few years.

Lance Walley
Engine Yard
Michael Sacca
Joelle Goldman

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