Life Coach vs Therapist – The Car

Want better driving skills so you can drive a race car? You need a life coach.
Need to repair your broken transmission? You need a therapist.

Need to map out the best driving route from San Francisco to New York? You need a life coach.
Need to fix your broken radiator hose because you notice green water all over the ground? You need a therapist.

[pullquote]Coaching is mainly about direction. Therapy is mainly about repairing.[/pullquote]

Want to be better at remembering to get your oil changed on a regular basis? You need a life coach.
Need to replace your completely damaged engine because it ran out of oil? You need a therapist.

Coaching is mainly about direction and path, planning and maintenance. Example: deciding to drive to Lake Tahoe, checking all of the car’s fluid levels before departing and taking Hwy 50.
Therapy is mainly about repairing. Example: car breaks down while driving to Lake Tahoe – need AAA towing and engine repair.

When my Dad first learned to play the piano he took lessons from a piano teacher, a “coach.”
After my Dad had surgery to repair two fingers on his left hand he went to a physical “therapist” in the hope of being able to play the piano again.

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