Life Coaching

for Business Owners & Professionals


With your goals of clarity, accountability, and focus, a good life coach is one part cheerleader, one part treasure hunter, and one part asshole! Just like popping your dislocated shoulder back into place, my job is to keep pressing until there’s progress.

A confidential, judgment-free, think-out-loud space for you to share your goals, fears, and hurdles.

Productive to-the-point feedback to move you forward. Accountability to keep you focused.

An encouraging atmosphere that propels you to bigger goals and better stress-management.

“You process quickly and give phenomenal insights. I always feel enriched and re-energized after our meetings.”

“Reid has an uncanny ability to quickly bring clarity, focus, and effective strategies to executives and entrepreneurs.”

One (1) meeting per week

Total points-of-contact/mo: 4

One (1) meeting per week

Two (2) check-ins per week

Total points-of-contact/mo: 12

Two (2) meetings per week

Two (2) check-ins per week

Total points-of-contact/mo: 16

Meetings are one (1) hour.
Check-ins are 15-30 minutes via phone, email or text message.
Coming soon: Summary & Progress reports.

Being helpful is hard

Your business, your team, and your customers are counting on you. When you’re stressed and frustrated, you need a productive setting to vent – without discouraging the people around you. Your family and friends may not always be reliable or supportive. I will listen, help you create an action-plan, and help you stick to it.

As Gary Vaynerchuk says, “You need to talk it out.”

You’re making an investment

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the yea-sayers in your life. And when you’re busy losing sleep to build a business, time is valuable. A life coach is an efficient investment. It’s like taking your car to a mechanic instead of a bartender.

You’re free to vomit

Business, sleep, strees, relationships, health, upbringing… you’re free to lay it all out on the table so we can map your way to clarity, accountability, and focus.

You get a blend of my personal experience, plus:

  • Life coaching – helps you determine and achieve your personal goals, as well as focus on effecting change in your current and future behavior.
  • Business coaching – provides positive support and feedback while offering occasional advice to you or your group in order to help you recognize ways in which you can improve the effectiveness of your business.
  • Personal coaching – helps you identify personal and/or business and/or relationship goals. I will often share outside and unbiased perspectives, as well as provide a place for you to be held accountable.
  • Transformational Coaching

Personal Strengths Assessment

Entrepreneur and investor Gary Vaynerchuk’s mantra is “Self Awareness“, and one of the best tests I’ve found to discover your Top-5 Strengths is Gallup’s StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath.