Life Coaching 3-Step Cycle

My approach to life coaching involves a 3-step cycle:

  1. Keeping you on track with your goals: keep you accountable and provide positive support without being judgmental.
  2. Solutions to setbacks: provide unbiased feedback to help you work through setbacks, improve self-esteem and collaborate on positive reactions to negative situations.
  3. Focus/re-focus: help you decide what to focus on, as well as help you re-establish a productive focus when you’re getting off track.

Then we keep repeating the cycle: stay on track (confidence) + solutions (feedback) + focus/re-focus (clarity)

Note: Life coaching does not go into recovery or anything that requires therapy. Life coaching will only touch on goals for the future, helping you stay on track toward those goals, developing solutions to setbacks and re-focusing. Depression, addiction – anything that requires therapy – is outside of a life coaches credentials. A life coach is not qualified nor licensed to handle therapy-oriented circumstances.

Unbiased feedback
Overwhelming clarity
Screaming confidence

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