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Life Coaching – Always Question Your Parent's Beliefs

My Mom just stated that special needs children should be thrown from the cliffs at birth and referenced the Classical Greeks as a good example to follow. She also stated that society shouldn’t waste time or resources on any baby that isn’t born perfectly.

I was offended by my Mom’s comments, especially since my brother was born 2 months premature and would have most likely been tossed over a cliff because of it.

This lead me to think about filtering what I allow into my life. I have no intention of trying to change my Mom’s opinion. She has every right to it. I also have a right to question and filter my Mom’s beliefs and not take as “gospel” everything she says. And I can send blessing thoughts as I leave her presence.

Always question your parent’s beliefs! Sometimes what they say and teach is completely wrong, dangerous and bigoted. Sometimes what they say is helpful, uplifting and remarkable.

Think for yourself! Does what your parents say draw you closer or push you away from happiness?

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