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Love Is A Risk – Do It Anyway

Maybe love – just flat-out 100% pure love – isn’t a risk at all. Maybe it’s the parceled-out, somewhat held back love that’s a risk.

I’ve totally done that: where I only released as much love as the other person released. I worried about the “balance” of love so much. I never wanted to be more in love than the other person. That always felt painful – like I was out on a limb all by myself. Love had to be fair and it had to be measured as fair. But, shit, that just forced me to match whatever I received, instead of just being purely loving.

Being more in love with someone who was less in love with me always sucked. But the truth is I wasn’t really in love at all, I was in a contest to see who could love the least so as not to get hurt. Instead, I should just “be love” instead of “being in” love.

Love Is A Risk – Do It Anyway

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