Mom Is Unhappy – Depression In A Parent

My Mom never rebounded from her divorce from my Dad, from me and my brother eventually going to live with Dad, from the sale of the family cabin, from the death of her Mom, from the sale of her childhood home.

She’s been unhappy since 1971 (the divorce), and it got a little worse with each milestone.

Now, in 2020, Mom is desperately unhappy. And she has no idea how to make herself happy.

She’s always relied on the right circumstances to feel happy and alert and alive – to be inspired. She was only ever happy relative to people and places. And those are dead, moved, or sold.

She literally does not know how to generate happiness from within. And she will likely die in this state of mind because of her lifelong reliance on people and places for her happiness.

This is definitely a life-lesson for me and my brother.

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