Moneydance – Move Category Transactions With Batch Change

If you use Moneydance for your accounting, like I do, and need to move a shitload of transactions from an old Category to a new Category, I just tried this technique from Kevin N. in the InfiniteKind forum – and it totally works.

Example time.

I have an old expense Category called:

“Business – Web & Graphics > Communications > Skype Calling”

This, and a couple of other Communication sub-categories, make up my current Communications category, and I want to consolidate/merge all these separate sub-Categories into one new Communication Category called:

“Business Expenses > Communication”

(I learned I can add Tags to each entry to differentiate between “Skype”, “Internet”, and “Cell phone service”, as well as “Graphics”, “Coaching”, and “T-shirts”).

Using Tags is awesome!

Move category transactions with Batch Change

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