The price of becoming a badass is frequently falling on your ass!

Overcoming Nervousness When I Speak

I use a 1-2-3-punch combination of: inhale +square shoulders +smile It’s important that the combo starts with inhaling. This combo acts as a re-set back to confidence.

TheArtfulDodgerr: 09 James Brown – Funk On Ah Roll (Bump & Flex Remix)

TheArtfulDodgerr · 09 James Brown – Funk On Ah Roll (Bump & Flex Remix)

Flamingosis – A Groovy Thing

Really enjoyed discovering Flamingosis Website YouTube Facebook Instagram Twitter SoundCloud Spotify

Khruangbin – Mordechai

Really enjoyed discovering Khruangbin Website YouTube Facebook Instagram Twitter Spotify

Water As A Habit

For more than half of my life I HATED drinking plain ol’ water. It was tasteless and boring as fuck!!! Then, 21 years ago, Bill Phillips’ Body-for-Life challenge convinced me that water was one of the secret ingredients to bodybuilding and fat-lose. I was NOT happy. Water sucked. But I started each day with 2 …

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Poem 6

Check what the muthafuckin’ record just said, man. Slip to the books chump, betta find another can. Killin’ muthafuckas just tryin’ a throw a juice, man? Spreadin’ to the head blast, record for the devils’ can. Kiss, cut, cry, kill; muthafuckin’ bullet fill. Dabble death, trigger will, betta shot, betta kill. Muthafuckin’ asshole, betta chill …

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Poem 4

You are not my happiness, but I have joy from you. You are not my stability, but I have balance from you. You are not my confidence, but I have strength from you. You are not my lover, but I have romance from you.

Poem 3

It’s too rare an emotion,too rare a friendship,too rare an understanding.Few moments in life are worth crying with,but you are definitely one of them.And when the time comesthat I can no longer hold your handand tell you I love you,my heart will cry with painand my skin will grow cold,and I will quietly die.

Poem 1

Just once, I wish I could kiss you for an hour in the middle of a quiet park; Taste your beautiful lips. Just once, I wish I could hold you in my arms and draw animals on your back; Paint you with my fingers. Just once, I wish I could wake up with your head …

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Teach your children it’s okay to be stupid

Every adult is stupid in some subject. And every grown child wishes an adult told them it’s okay, instead of growing up being scared and ashamed and embarrassed.


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