Paying Attention To The Story That Good Break Dancers Tell

As it is in dance, so it is in Toastmasters public speaking contests. It’s all about a great story presented with passion and punch!

Break Dancing - Inspiration for Toastmasters public speakingI get a lot of inspiration for public speaking by watching how break dancers tell their “story” with confidence, timing and creativity. In dance competitions, like the break dancing free-for-all in the video below, it’s also the off-the-cuff, ad-lib creativity that surprises and delights the audience. Along with fundamental moves, routines and connection with the music, it’s the extra “entertainment” decisions and “feel” for the audience that win dance contests – and speech contests.

The video below, Old Skool Hip hop 80’s Breakdancing 2012, is a great example of solid workmanship and stand-out guts.

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