People Spread Emotion

People don’t go running, screaming about something that is “ok”. People don’t spread mediocrity. People spread great stuff. People spread emotion. Look at what gets shared on Facebook, or retweeted on Twitter. Funny stuff, brilliant knowledge-filled posts, sad things, stuff that angers you.

Repeat after me: People. Spread. Emotion.

Take a stand. Have a freakin opinion. Believe in something and then become the catalyst for a discussion around it. THEN make it easy for people to spread it with sharing buttons, like Sociable.

Create great content, and it will be the best SEO, viral, word-of-mouth “tactic” you could ever invest in.

From Scott Stratten’s blog: http://www.un-marketing.com/blog/2010/06/17/word-of-mouth-has-changed-sort-of/

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