Personal life coach – Embracing the Beauty in Death

I made sure the death of my Aunt Dorothy, a month ago on Oct 6, 2009, was a beautiful experience for me!

On the drive from Sacramento to Long Beach I decided not to fear it and instead decided to purposefully “embrace” my Aunt’s last days. I made sure I physically touched her. I caressed her hair, rubbed her arms and held her hand – because NOBODY TOUCHES THE DYING. And that’s most likely what’s been missing the longest for the person actually doing the dying – physical touch.

And I made sure to have a smile on my face the whole time. This was vital because I wanted her to feel my radiance. And it’s the act of smiling that triggers the body’s radiance!

My friend Brandon Greathouse’s grandfather died this morning, Nov 7, 2009. Three weeks ago I shared with him how I embraced the beauty of my Aunt’s death. And two days ago, when Brandon visited his grandfather for the last time, he mentioned being afraid and then remembered what I had said about making sure that I physically touched my Aunt while she was on her deathbed. So Brandon made sure to rub his grandfather’s arm and hold him hand – because NOBODY TOUCHES THE DYING. He remembered to embrace the experience of his grandfather’s death as beautiful!

Wow, my experience of deciding to embrace my Aunt’s death, then sharing that experience with Brandon, and now to have him relate that he remembered and applied my experience to his grandfather’s death brings everything full-circle! My sharing with him allowed him to embrace, and now show others, the ability to respond to death as beautiful.

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