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Public Speaking Confidence Training for Pilates Instructors

Public speaking and confidence building workshop for Pilates Instructors: A 2-hour hands-on, demo-oriented workshop for Pilates teachers to bring them out of their shell and lead your classes like a badass!

3-page written worksheets for instructors to fill out, then discuss in front of the workshop participants. The course is in 3 parts, to build upon each previous confidence-building exercise!

“Reid runs an amazing workshop! I have had Reid run a two hour Public Speaking / Confidence workshop to my P2O Hot Pilates teachers in training classes both in 2015 and 2016. Reid is entertaining and does a great job at helping bring our future Instructors out of their shell, and feel more comfortable speaking and expressing themselves in front of a group. Reid has been a great addition to our Teacher Training program!”

Lindy Hobbs
Owner, P2O Hot Pilates & Fitness, Sacramento, CA

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