Public Speaking Demo April 11, 2022

Reid Walley – Public Speaking Demo – April 11, 2022 at Capital City Toastmasters in Sacramento, CA

  • The difference between your left & right and your audience’s left & right. When you’re standing in front of an audience, heighten their experience by extending your left hand when you say something like, “On the right”. Match what you’re *doing* with what they’re *seeing*
  • Breathing exercises
  • Managing nervousness during a job interview
  • The importance of having a safe and welcoming space to practice public speaking

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Great and different

Thanks for joining us Reid – I thought the discussion on stage vs audience left/right was good and emphasis on taking on the task making the audience comfortable was great and different.
Jenny Mohler, Club Officer

Invite me to present a public speaking demo at your organization.

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