Public Speaking Feedback Loop

So cool that client had a videotape of their speech. Gives me a chance to rewind and rewatch. Very cool.

My feedback:

  • Font size: Consider doubling your font size (which means more pieces of paper).
  • Voice projection: Consider sounding a bit louder.
  • Eye contact: Good. Consider increasing the duration of eye contact with each Board member. Having a larger font size will help smooth the transition of looking back-and-forth between Board members and your paper.
  • Hands position: Your default hand positions are: “clutched with interlaced fingers” and “overlapping hands.” Your hands can probably be separated and “bracket” your pieces of paper (left hand at left-side of paper; right hand at right-side of paper). Also consider placing your left hand at the left side of your paper while your right hand tracks your place in a sentence and/or flips the paper over.
  • Speaking pace: Sounds good. Consider slowing down a bit in the beginning and you’d still be fine.
  • Pausing/breathing: Consider adding slightly longer breaks between info by forcing longer pauses between info.
  • Good use of animating/extending your right hand during your final answer session.

Their response:

Wow! Thank you so much for the feed back! You’re great. Definitely making the font size bigger and using one hand to keep my place. I do want to project [my voice] more, I need to practice that. I forgot to bring a water bottle and my throat (of course) felt drier because I had no water. I love your suggestions and making the connection with you.

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