What organizers are saying

“Four people said they wanted to join.”

“Everyone walked out of the workshop with a lot more confidence!”

“Great insight; A friendly, informative format.”

“A very useful perspective for our members.”

Entertaining and educational workshops


  • Interactive mini-workshop (15-20 minutes)
  • Be yourself on stage workshop (45 minutes)
  • Using body language workshop (45 minutes)
  • Bootcamp-style workshop (2 hours)

Excellent for:

  • Toastmasters clubs
  • Professional organizations
  • Students
  • Business owners

Toastmasters: Club meetings, open houses, District Conference Educational Sessions

  • Perfect for club open house, showcasing the benefits of Toastmasters in the real world. Audience participation and hands-on examples.
  • Club members & guests participate in a hands-on public speaking workshop that focuses on eye contact, using the stage, and overcoming butterflies.
  • Open discussion & demonstration of using body language to relieve butterflies before a speech, as well as during a speech.