Running a relationship is like running a marathon. Secret is training!

Like a relationship that’s almost certainly doomed to fail, you can’t just show up to run a marathon and hope you’ll figure out the next 26.2 miles along the way. You’ll ruin yourself.

Whether it’s a relationship or a marathon, you gotta add training to your life’s already busy schedule – no excuses: run 5 miles before work, 12 miles on the weekends. Adding more miles, more stamina, over time. Learn better running techniques, mental “push-through” exercises and join running groups, if that helps.

And even though you can train for a marathon alone, you can’t train for a successful relationship alone. You “both” have to train. Your relationship has a much more difficult time crossing the finish line if only one of you makes the effort to train. Is your partner simply interested in “having a good time and seeing where it goes”? Or are they serious about winning the race? If they’re not interested in training, they’re not interested in winning.

Running a relationship is like running a marathon. It requires training!

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