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Saying Yes Can Lead To Misery

Sometimes, misery comes from saying “yes” to something/someone you should have said “no” to. Then you have to back out of it and reestablish your “path.” Sometimes family and friends will make you feel guilty, be angry with you, make fun of you or ignore you until you “give in” to something you really should say “no” to. Learn to say “no” when asked to leave your “path.”

Boundaries” is an excellent book to help you strengthen your life! A properly used “no” provides peace of mind.

There are two types of “no” that we use in our lives:

  • A “no” that is mean. This is a lazy “no,” when you don’t know what you’re life’s path really is.
  • A “no” that is meaningful. This is a “no” that includes your life’s vision, mission and dream.

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