Show Notes: Aug 7, 2012 – You Were Born to Add Your Light Bulb to the Chandelier of the World

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  1. How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie
  2. Mrs Walley (Annette Walley, singing; Keith Walley, piano)
  3. Keith Warren Walley (Christian mystery author. Books available soon)
  4. Dao Tran, Real Estate diva (blog, video interviews, industry speaker)
  5. Marie Forleo, life & business coach (blog, video interviews, industry speaker, seminars)
  6. YouTube (make your own videos)
  7. Lulu (self-publish your own books)
  8. iTunes (make your own music and podcasts)
  9. Soundcloud (Capture a voice, moment or music in seconds or upload audio you’ve already created)
  10. ReverbNation (Over 2.44 Million Musicians, Venues, Labels, and Industry Professionals)
  11. WordPress (The most popular blogging tool in the world, with 54 million users. Write your own text, add pics, embed video)

A big thank you to my host: Crave The Spotlight, Experts in the Spotlight, with Victor Jenkins and Jo Grace

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