So God Made A Farmer Paul Harvey Superbowl 2013 Ad

So God Made A Farmer speech by Paul Harvey. Dodge produced a beautiful Superbowl 2013 TV spot for their Dodge Ram that clearly touched hearts, as visible by social media responses. Paul Harvey originally gave this speech at the National FFA (Future Farmers of America) Convention in 1978. For public speakers, like my Capital City Toastmasters club in Sacramento, it’s well worth studying Harvey’s delivery.

Paul Harvey’s full 1978 speech:

Harvey opens the speech with clarity and dignity. And he knows when to pause. Harvey also knows when to speed up and cram a bunch of words together so that we experience the hustle and strain of being a farmer. His delivery highlights the fine balance of a farmer’s life of grit and tenderness. This is the power of Harvey’s speech. It sticks to your heart. It’s well worth studying his delivery.

Dodge Ram’s Superbowl 2013 TV spot (Harvey’s speech is edited to fit the TV ad timeframe. The above video contains the whole speech):

Farmland photo credit: © Rob Bouwman, Dreamstime.com

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