Startup Weekend Sacramento – Day 2 – Business Model Canvas

Startup Weekend Sacramento – Day 2, Hacker Lab

Business Model Canvas, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), stacks and stacks and stacks of empty pizza boxes and enough Red Bull to power an army. When I arrived in the evening everybody was busily hunkered down and crankin out code, design, marketing, iPhone emulators, iPad demos, Facebook graphics, logos – the works.

A creative, buzzing, energetic vibe filled Hacker Lab‘s coworking space. And while most of the teams filled the open workspace area, other teams worked in cozy office spaces.

I got a chance to demo a few products and talk to a few entrepreneurs who pivoted from their idea the previous night. Good to see fast iteration cycles, validated learning, customer development, multiple business models and light-weight MVPs.

There were Business Model Canvas printouts everywhere. Some peeps even re-drew them on Hacker Lab’s wall-sized whiteboards, while others captured them in PowerPoint. In fact, almost all of Hacker Lab’s walls are actual whiteboards. And almost every inch was jam-packed with multicolored Business Model Canvas diagrams, MVP requirements and User Interface mockups.

My brother, Lance Walley (co-founder & CEO of Chargify) also happened to make it by for a quick look around and talk shop with a few of the startups.

Looking forward to Sunday’s final presentations!

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