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Life Coaching – State-of-Worry vs. State-of-Grace

My Mom always worries that my brother and I won’t make it home safely and wants us to call when we get home. We only live 2 miles away.

A state-of-worry is not the same as a state-of-grace. How much better for my Mom, and us, if she sent healing and blessing thoughts, instead of worry and fear.

“But I’m a mother and a Mother worries. I won’t be able to sleep unless I know you’re both safe,” she says. This concept of worrying is accepted as caring and at the same time completely unhealthy, both for the sender and receiver. Because when my Mother worries she is in a state of stress and the “vibes” that she radiates are stress-filled. Mom provides a worried and fearful experience, instead a grace-filled blessing.

Guard your heart and mind from the worries of the world and breathe upon the world blessings, healing and grace.

Followup: I shared this post with my Mom and we had a chance to discuss it in detail. We agreed that there were people who most likely never worried, but instead radiated blessings, including Jesus, Buddha, Confucius and Paramahansa Yogananda.

And on the most infinite scale, the Universe never worries.

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