Store Owners: BAD Customer Service Is YOUR Fault!

Bad customer service ALWAYS reflects embarrassingly on the store owner and sales! Bad word-of-mouth will kill you!

Recent online retail store survey results:

  • “Staff could have been friendlier.”
  • “I had come in with a friend who was selling clothes. My friend was treated well but I was treated as if my business was not important. I’m a customer, too.”
  • Have staff that is ALWAYS friendly to EVERYONE. Just because I don’t walk in once wanting to buy doesn’t mean I won’t come back later. One bad experience could make customers never want to come back.”
  • “…some of the workers were mean and acted snotty towards me.”
  • “The employees were all snotty and didn’t act very welcoming.”
  • “Hire more down-to-earth workers.”

Most customers who have a bad experience in your store don’t feel comfortable telling you while they’re still in your store, even with an in-store survey.

Solution: give them a way to tell you about their experience, anonymously. An online survey allows you to get “real” feedback about how your employees are “really” treating your reputation!

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