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Swoop in on your business competition!

I posted on Twitter that I was searching Dreamstime.com for images of “water ripples” for my Dad’s next book cover design. And 90 minutes later – BOOM – a competitor swoops in and offers me similar/same images of “water ripples”

In fact, 123RF.com went one step further and included a link to their search results page with “water ripples” pre-populated in their search field – so I didn’t have to type the keyword myself. Convenient!

And it was free for 123RF.com. They didn’t have to pay for ad placement, Google AdWords or any other expense. They simply had to listen for my Tweet about images and swoop in. Valuable!

Your business has gotta be in the game. You gotta listen in on all social media channels for current customer’s needs, as well as straight-up industry questions that you can swoop in on and answer. Be a hero!

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