Zen War t-shirt - Reid at Philz Coffee


Analog means going to Tower Records (in the early 1980s) at the corner of Watt & El Camino in Sacramento, CA, finding the 12" vinyl record of Play at Your Own Risk by Planet Patrol, heading to Broadway Academy of Performing Arts (when it was in Carmichael, CA), putting the needle on the record, and teaching a popping dance class to 30 students for an hour.

ZEN WAR is my Yin and Yang pairing of ancient philosophies. Turns out that the two single-syllable 3-letter words creates a nice balance, too.

Serendipitous symmetry!

A big thanks to my long-time friend Kei Segawa Ishimoto from Tokyo for the beautifully hand-drawn Kanji characters of my last name, Walley.

"I want one!!!"

– Jennifer Mirich, Dancer, style-maven, artist, movement therapist

"YYYEEEEESSSSS!!!! Where do we order!!"

Tom Gordon, Owner Inspired Amateur Productions; Head engineer & producer Imirage Sound Lab