Don't Be An Asshole When Something Goes Wrong

My business cards were delivered 3 days early! Woo-hoo. But they were trimmed off-center, which looks unprofessional. Boo-hoo. PSPrint has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So I called to complain. Here’s how the phone call went: George: “Hello, this is George with PSPrint, how can I help you?” Me: “Hi, George, happy holidays!” George: “Same to … Read more

Employee: "You've had a bad attitude since you walked in!"

Store owners: sometimes your customer service training SUCKS! Your employees cannot make this kind of a statement to a customer without it making YOU look like an idiot! “I’m only nice to them if they’re nice to me!” This attitude is “very common” among employees, and is why most customer service SUCKS! Train your employees … Read more