Life Coach Reid Walley – Marriage 101 – Study Together; Stay Together

Life Coach Reid Walley – Study Together; Stay Together – Hewlett-Packard from Reid Walley on Vimeo. “Study Together; Stay Together” presented during HP Northside Toastmasters meeting at Hewlett-Packard in Roseville, CA, July 22, 2010. Invited to be a guest speaker by Kevin Levine (VP Education).

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Life coaching – Emotional happiness is in harmony with Boundaries, Oversight, Consequences methodology

My dear friend, Candace, as a mother toward her daughter, is the perfect example of a focus on emotional happiness through the harmony of “Boundaries, Oversight and Consequences.” During a fashion shoot I was producing, Candace stopped right in the middle of it and addressed her daughter’s boundary-breaking behavior with loving and firm oversight. It…

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Life coaching – Expectations, Boundaries, Character

Expectations have nothing to do with your Mac booting up or not, or your significant other being honest or not. Expectations have no effect on either of those outcomes. A person’s integrity has nothing to do with your expectations of them having integrity. Boundaries, not expectations, are what need to be set in a relationship,…

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Personal life coach – Saying No: “Mean” or “Meaningful”?

Life Coaching: There’s a “mean” way – and a “meaningful” way – of saying no. One is derogatory; the other is life affirming. A “mean” no is probably not the truth. Whereas a “meaningful” no can be transformative, balanced, Zen. It’s a no that means the request doesn’t align with your life’s plan/path. The no…