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Reputation Management Starts With Intent – UC Davis Police Pepper Spray

The last sentence in this LA Times article “UC Davis spends $175,000 to sanitize its online image after ugly pepper spray episode“ reads: “It’s very important to manage a reputation, and people often don’t realize that,” Kalb said. “So many companies have been seriously damaged for not having a strategy for handling this.” There’s nothing…


Show Notes: Aug 7, 2012 – You Were Born to Add Your Light Bulb to the Chandelier of the World

View video here How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie Mrs Walley (Annette Walley, singing; Keith Walley, piano) Keith Warren Walley (Christian mystery author. Books available soon) Dao Tran, Real Estate diva (blog, video interviews, industry speaker) Marie Forleo, life & business coach (blog, video interviews, industry speaker, seminars) YouTube (make your own…

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There's gotta be something better than this 75 year old book!

Is there a modern equivalent to Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends & Influence People? I mean, c’mon, it was published way back in 1936. They barely had cars, electricity or TV back then. Heck, the era that AMC’s Mad Men portrays hadn’t even happened yet. There was no Internet, no e-commerce, no social media…


Little Blue Book of Staying Afloat – New York Times bestselling author Jeffrey Gitomer

Little Blue Book of Staying Afloat New York Times bestselling author Jeffrey Gitomer tells you how to sell anything in any economy “Jeffrey, I want to know, what do YOU do to maintain success?” The answer is pretty simple. There are no secrets. There’s nothing I do that I consider out of the ordinary. It’s…

Life Coach Reid Walley – Marriage 101 – Study Together; Stay Together

Life Coach Reid Walley – Study Together; Stay Together – Hewlett-Packard from Reid Walley on Vimeo. “Study Together; Stay Together” presented during HP Northside Toastmasters meeting at Hewlett-Packard in Roseville, CA, July 22, 2010. Invited to be a guest speaker by Kevin Levine (VP Education).

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Develop All You're Worth. Don't Lose Your Spark ~ Henry Ford

“… [each person] should look for the single spark of individuality that makes them different from other folks, and develop that for all they’re worth. Society and schools may try to iron it out of them; their tendency is to put us all in the same mold, but I say don’t let that spark be…