Two Moms of Fashion Models – One Afraid; One Supportive

I met 2 mom’s at a fashion industry mixer this evening in Sacramento.

Mom #1 has a 13-year-old daughter who really wants to be a fashion model. Mom #1 made the following statement: “I don’t want her to leave the nest. She’s my baby. I’m very nervous about it. She’s 13. She’s too young. I don’t want her to get rejected.” It was obvious from her words that she’s afraid.

Mom #2 also has a 13-year-old daughter who really wants to be a fashion model. Mom #2 actually brought her 13-year-old daughter with her to the event specifically to support her modeling career and introduce her to boutique owners, fashion designers, fashion bloggers, magazine editors, makeup artists, hair stylists and other models. Mom #2 is both protective and supportive, which is a great combination. It was obvious from her words that she embraces her daughter’s dream to be a model. And there’s no better place for a Mom to keep an eye on a 13-year-old than standing right next to her.

I got a chance to introduce Mom #1 to Mom #2, so that Mom #1’s fears might be set at ease by talking to another Mom in the exact same boat. Who knows, maybe Mom #2’s supportive approach will rub off.

Take-a-way: Supportive Mom had a plan-of-action to help her daughter with her dream. And she also had a plan-of-protection and a plan-of-parenting. “We have to head out early,” supportive Mom said, as we said goodnight. “It’s a school night.”

Fear can be just as long-lasting as support.

Stop Being Terrified

I’ve heard more people in my lifetime be terrified of telling anybody about their big plans/dreams because they’re afraid they’ll jinx their chances of succeeding. Being afraid of jinxing something is bullshit! Not telling trusted colleagues and supportive friends is what causes you to shrivel. Your fear of the jinx IS the jinx!

The above was inspired by Seth Godin’s Make Big Plans post

Personal life coach – “Fearful” or “Fearless”?

Life Coaching: Do we live in a closet of fear or out in the open – fearless? Do we want a mate so badly that we live without good friends and pass up golden opportunities? How do we decide if a relationship is working or not? Our relationships either keep us in the closet of fear or cheer us on as we dance out in the open – fearless!