Sometimes it takes years to realize a relationship in the past had almost all the right stuff. You were too young, or not ready, or the timing was off. Life is a Work In Progress (WIP) and sometimes it takes years to realize “the one that got away” got away because you didn’t appreciate the circumstances at the time. Whether’s it’s a relationship, a friendship, a vacation, a job, or a place – we’ve all under-appreciated something at the time it was happening. It’s not always easy to be grateful for what you got when you got it. The solution is to grab the lesson and keep moving forward!

How do you take the lesson-learned and apply to your future relationships, future jobs, future circumstances? What are you grateful for today? How do you avoid regret in the future?

Life coaching – True Friends Tell You When You're Full Of Crap

A “best friend” may put up with your crap, but a “true” friend will tell you when you’re full of crap.

Years ago, Dave Howe showed that he was a “true” friend and called me on my crap. True friends know the best you and are willing to help you with adjustments.

Important lesson #1: you have to give your friends authority to call you on your crap. That way you’re not offended, but reminded of the pact you made with them to call you on your crap.

Important lesson #2: true friendship/personal growth happens when you “want” your friends to call you on your crap.