Gary Vaynerchuk – 63 Minute Consultation for Small Businesses and Personal Brands (4Ds)

Gary gives such great detailed answers to this group’s 4Ds (Daily Digital Deep Dive). The Daily Digital Deep Dive is a one-day, fully immersive digital consulting session led by VaynerMedia’s most senior leadership, including CEO, Gary Vaynerchuk. Read more about the 4Ds

What The Hell Does “Fake It ‘Til You Make It” Mean, Anyway?

You take action – even when you’re not ready! You take action – even when you’re scared shitless! You take action – even when you do NOT have all of your ducks in a row! You take action – even when you’re not sure of the outcome! “Fake It ‘Til You Make It” is facing … Read more

Voice and the Sound of Bee vs Be

It’s SUPER interesting as my brother, Lance, and I search for alternatives to the domain names that we wish we could use for our t-shirt to help Bees: – taken – taken – taken – taken When it comes to “voice/audio”, the word “Bee” isn’t always easy to distinguish from the … Read more

Fitness Industry – Business & Branding Advice from Gary Vaynerchuk

Brand Positioning with Paige Hathaway | GaryVee Business Meetings Interview with Paige Hathaway Paige Hathaway on Instagram Fitness Entrepreneurs & The Business of Fitness | #AskGaryVee Episode 203 Interview with Natalie Jill, Mike Vacanti (Gary Vaynerchuk’s former personal trainer), and Mike Rashid Natalie Jill on Instagram Mike Vacanti on Instagram Mike Rashid on Instagram

What, This Charity Event Doesn't Have A SnapChat Geofilter?

May The 4th Be With You I just came from a Star Wars lightsaber battle charity event at Fremont Park in Midtown Sacramento. I don’t even know who the charity was. I just saw more and more peeps coming into Naked Lounge coffeehouse with lightsabers. Today is May 4, Star Wars Day. I asked a gal, … Read more

Gary Vaynerchuk Sees A Trillion Dollar Meditation Industry

Heads-up if you’re in the health, wellness, fitness industry. Maybe you own a yoga or pilates studio, a gym or Zumba studio, a clothing line, an App software company, a music recording studio, a social media marketing company, a website design company, a logo design company… “Meditation is about to EXPLODE in America! …In 4-5 years … Read more

Prince – Purple Rain Tribute in Theaters and on Social Media

Thirty-two years later, Purple Rain is back in theaters for a one-week tribute to Prince Tower Theatre in Sacramento, CA, showed Purple Rain tonight, April 25, 2016, to pay tribute to Prince (who died April 21, 2016). When I first heard the news of Prince’s death I was shocked. Then super bummed! I’ve been a fan since … Read more

Reputation Management Starts With Intent – UC Davis Police Pepper Spray

The last sentence in this LA Times article “UC Davis spends $175,000 to sanitize its online image after ugly pepper spray episode“ reads: “It’s very important to manage a reputation, and people often don’t realize that,” Kalb said. “So many companies have been seriously damaged for not having a strategy for handling this.” There’s nothing … Read more