Can My Girlfriend Trust Me?

I’m a pretty good kisser. But when I’m yelling and screaming at my girlfriend she probably forgets all that. How I “react” is my life. She doesn’t know if she can really “trust” me until she sees how I react under pressure, when I’m angry. Then the story she tells her girlfriends is complete: he’s … Read more

Toastmasters International Speech Contest 2011 – Life Coach Reid Walley – 2nd Place Winner

Title: “One Smile Per Argument” Contest level: Area Club: Capital City Toastmasters #142, Sacramento, CA – District 39, Area 51 Contest location: Sutter Cancer Center, Sacramento, CA Date: Mar 24, 2011

Temper Tantrum, A Love Story – Controlled by Love and Hating Every Minute of It!

FUCKKKKKKKKKK LOVE <- NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw the above post on Facebook today. I’ve had that same reaction to love – a long time ago. I also know that when I’ve reacted like the above comment it was because I was emotionally immature. IQ is great, and EQ (emotional intelligence) is there to balance it … Read more

Life Coach Reid Walley – Toastmasters Speech 8 – How You React IS Your Life

Life Coach Reid Walley – Toastmasters Speech 8 – How You React IS Your Life from Reid Walley on Vimeo. Title: “How You React IS Your Life!” Date: May 24, 2010 Toastmasters speech number: 8 Toastmasters manual: Competent Communicator Time limit: 5-7 minutes Official time: 7:53 (this is over the 7:30 maximum allowed) Evaluator: Kevin … Read more

Personal life coach – The Secret of Frustration™

Life Coaching: There is a Zen approach to our inner War. A Zen War! Winning without harming, without fighting. It is The Secret of Frustration™ – the secret that How You React IS Your Life™. Frustration holds truths about who you are, who you were, who you can be. How you react IS your life. … Read more