Democracy 2.0 – Operating Systems Need Updates

Until you’re accused of being racist and/or sexist, no one really pays attention to you. The 2016 American Presidential race has definitely pushed people’s buttons. Including my pushing my friend’s buttons. It all started when I shared Cameron Esposito’s Tweet on Facebook. Since zero women & zero people of color weighed in on US constitution when it…


Go And See For Yourself – Don't Believe Everything You Read

Kay posted on Facebook: I just read this in a recently posted article by Foundr magazine: Just FYI, the original poster cannot leave tags in comments anymore…you might get one or two tags in before you get a red error message when commenting. Have to go back to putting them in the description. Bummer. What…

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Public Speaking Tip – The Best Toastmasters Advice I Ever Got

I used to cram as much information as possible into my Toastmasters speeches while still meeting the 5-7 minute time-limit. Which meant I had to speak really fast! And speaking fast is super tough, because speed kills. There’s no wiggle room for mistakes, forgotten lines, pauses or letting a phrase “sink in” with the audience….