Public Speaking Tip – The Best Toastmasters Advice I Ever Got

I used to cram as much information as possible into my Toastmasters speeches while still meeting the 5-7 minute time-limit. Which meant I had to speak really fast! And speaking fast is super tough, because speed kills. There’s no wiggle room for mistakes, forgotten lines, pauses or letting a phrase “sink in” with the audience. There’s also no room to build rapport with an audience when the entire speech is a jam-packed rushing-river of information.

The best public speaking tip I ever received was from my former Toastmasters Area Governor, Kevin Hrim, who said:

Reid, you were speaking so fast, cramming so much into your speech, that I couldn’t keep up with all of the information. I won’t remember any of it. Your speech would have been 10x better, and made more impact, if you cut out half of the content.

I didn’t believe Kevin at first, but I eventually followed his advice. And my audiences have been more positively impacted ever since!

Public Speaking Tip - The Best Toastmasters Advice I Ever Got

Less is more.

Cutting your speech content in half means you’ll look like you know what you’re doing. You’ll come across as calm, composed and confident. Let your excitement speak for itself in bite-sized, memorable content. Don’t drown your audience with a fire-hose of information. Just use the sprinklers. You’ll have more positive impact!

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Intuition isn't stupid, I am

If I date the wrong person, I’m to blame. I’m the full-on sucka! I have 6 senses to help me navigate all this shit. SIX! If I can’t make a “should I stay or should I go” decision with 6 senses stabbing me in the face all the time, I’m a complete moron!

I can’t possibly claim that I didn’t “suspect” something was wrong. C’mon; I have 6 super-powers at my disposal. I’m a bad-ass! But I ignore some of them ’cause I’m in love or at least in lust or I’m lonely or I’m bored or I’m afraid of being by myself. It’s this lack of using my super-powers that makes me deaf, dumb and blind.

Many of my relationships went bad long after they should have been let go. That’s my fault! All the heartache, finger-pointing and blaming is my fault!

I wanna be smarter!

Intuition isn't stupidIntuition. We make gut decisions in our businesses and in our personal lives all the time. Sometimes we have good data to back up a business decision and we double-check it with our intuition. Hiring the right person or firing the wrong person. Sometimes, after many dates, our intuition tells us to dig for more data. And we either dig deeper: smart. Or we don’t: dumb.

Most business owners I know are dating or divorced. Yes, some are married, but that’s still-to-be-decided middle-ground – too late to get out and too soon to tell what the real damage is gonna be. On the other hand, the business owners I know who have kick-ass marriages take full advantage of all 6 super-power senses.

We now have multiple platforms in our lives that require using all 6 senses: dating, marriage, divorce and business. They’re all intertwined. When one platform crashes they all crash. When one platform rises they all rise!

Acknowledge and use all six senses, all the time, across all platforms. And share the “should I stay or should I go” process with those that are closely involved with the success of your platforms. Your children care about your success. Family members care. Co-founders care. Friends care. Employees care. Customers care. Investors care. Vendors care. Peeps you’re dating care (or you’ll find out if they don’t).

You care. Use every super-power sense at your disposal for success on every platform.

Welcome to 2013!

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Can My Girlfriend Trust Me?

I’m a pretty good kisser. But when I’m yelling and screaming at my girlfriend she probably forgets all that. How I “react” is my life. She doesn’t know if she can really “trust” me until she sees how I react under pressure, when I’m angry. Then the story she tells her girlfriends is complete: he’s a good kisser, but, shit, what’s with this “reacting with anger” bullshit?!?

How I “react” IS my life!

You Decide Who Wastes Your Time!

Negative people tend to stand and yell at you through an open door – a door that you yourself continue to leave open.

Close the door!

You decide where you waste your time. You decide how you waste your time. You decide who wastes your time. Are the situations that you allow to influence your life – friends, lovers, spouses, parents, bosses, co-workers, counselors, teachers – worth it? Do they help or hinder? Do they put you down or build you up?

Stop letting crap invade and influence your life! You decide which doors to keep open and which doors to close.

You decide!

You can know your limits. But never, ever stop trying to break them. We are stronger for the things we face.

“I think the most important thing in life is to just go on and find something that you’re passionate about, find something that you love, and fight for that. And not have anybody take that away from you. You can know your limits. But never, ever stop trying to break them. We are stronger for the things we face.”

Kyle Maynard, born without arms or legs, fought his first MMA match in 2009. Owns his own gym, has done 100s of public speaking events and has written a book. He’ll change your definition of “disability” forever.

The Secret Benefits of Criticism

Critics can sometimes provide erudite observations about you. And sometimes those observations help to clarify who you are and what your cause is. Listen to criticism, filter out what doesn’t apply to you and search for the golden nuggets within their statements.

I was recently criticized/accused of being “inspiration guy.” I have to admit, this critic made a very concise observation. “Inspiration guy” is exactly who I am. And though I don’t use this particular title, it fits me perfectly!

Sometimes a critic can really cut-to-the-chase and point out an authentic strength in you. There’s always something to learn, even from your critics.

But beware, critics are not trying to help you succeed. That’s what a life coach is for – contact me, I’d be happy to help you succeed.