What’s Your Prize?

Going from Ds and Fs to 3rd-in-my-class with an A meant switching from hardly studying in the American River College cafeteria to consistently finishing my homework every Tuesday and Thursday (the same days homework was assigned) at home. This “same day” cycle was crucial because I’m lazy AF and it’s easy for me to “put it off ’til tomorrow” (which always ended up being Sunday night at 10pm – UGH).

Question: What motivated me to switch routines – and stay disciplined?

Answer: I wanted a 100% care-free, pressure-free, panic-free, cram-free Sunday. That’s it! That’s all I wanted.

Finishing my homework on Tuesday and Thursday (the days it was assigned) meant I got the exact prize I was after: a care-free Sunday!

I don't believe in just being postitive. I believe in being smart! – Tony Robbins interview

Tony Robbins interview

The Daily Love Interview’s Tony Robbins Backstage at Oprah’s Lifeclass in NYC!

  • Any intelligent person isn’t just going to be positive. I believe in being smart! Anticipate what’s coming. …to not just be positive but to be effective in your life, you have to anticipate what’s coming.
  • If you’re gonna have an extraordinary life you have to have extraordinary relationships.
  • I’ve never been a believer in just “motivation.” That’s what everybody calls me because the media has to pick a category. But I’m a student.
  • I don’t motivate people. I help people uncover who they are and let that shine naturally.
  • The personal improvement industry: I’m embarrassed by it, personally. There are a lot of charlatans out there and they hurt the industry.
  • I didn’t participate in “The Secret” for a very good reason. Because I don’t believe in “The Secret.” I think there’s many secrets.
  • Fantastic “finding the love of your life” advice (starting at 16:30).
  • Tony’s personal list for everything he could possibly want in a relationship. (starting at 18:20)