If Passion Has A Formula, Damien Escobar Is An Example

Gary Vaynerchuk posted a very powerful formula for finding your passion on episode 167 of his Ask Gary Vee Show: What’s your inflection point? What’s the thing that you 1) DO THE BEST, and that you 2) LIKE THE MOST? Damien Escobar thoroughly encapsulates Gary Vaynerchuk‘s 2-part formula of: do the best + like the most. As Gary points…


How do you think for yourself?

My grandpa Ted once told my brother Lance not to get too excited about computers because he didn’t think anything would come of them.

Boy, was grandpa wrong!

How do you persist under the watchful eye of parents, grandparents, teachers, and other “adults” in your life? – when they can clearly be wrong. How do you follow your passion and instincts when it’s sometimes an uphill battle against the “wisdom” of your family, friends and well educated people?

How do you think for yourself long enough to actually make a difference?

You can know your limits. But never, ever stop trying to break them. We are stronger for the things we face.

“I think the most important thing in life is to just go on and find something that you’re passionate about, find something that you love, and fight for that. And not have anybody take that away from you. You can know your limits. But never, ever stop trying to break them. We are stronger for…

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Passion For What You Do Spreads To Others

If you’re not energized about what you’re doing, you simply will not work as hard at it – period! And, worse, you’re letting the people around you think that living half-a-life is OK. It’s not OK. Passion brings out the best in you. AND, it brings out the best in the people around you.

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Being bored sucks!

Coffeehouse employee conversation: Friends of barista, “How’s it going?” Barista, “I’m SO bored!” How could anyone ever be bored? Frustrated with your job? Don’t know how to change your life? In an unsatisfying relationship? Physically tired? Miss your dog? “Being bored is a clear indication that you aren’t even close to following your passion!”