What Does It Take To Have A Successful Relationship?

With all the effort that we put into a college degree – 2 yrs, 4 yrs, 8 yrs, 12 yrs of dedication – what makes us think that we are qualified… truly qualified… to be married? I thought because I was in love and had watched my parents argue that I was qualified to be … Read more

What's a deal-breaker in every relationship?

The biggest deal breaker is our individual selves, as we, individually, are the reason we get “into” or “out of” most situations. We decide our own happiness or misery. You decide whether to go on a second, third or forth date with somebody. You decide whether to leave a bad relationship today, tomorrow or never. … Read more

Persoanl life coach – People hating your happiness?

Life Coaching: Some people hate it when you share your happiness, mainly because they have none of their own to share. So they call your happiness bullshit – sometimes to your face. They may look like they have it all together, they may tell you they have it all together, but their fear is in … Read more

Personal life coach – “Fearful” or “Fearless”?

Life Coaching: Do we live in a closet of fear or out in the open – fearless? Do we want a mate so badly that we live without good friends and pass up golden opportunities? How do we decide if a relationship is working or not? Our relationships either keep us in the closet of … Read more

Personal life coach – Great relationship advice from my daughter, Andrea

Life coaching advice from my daughter, Andrea: “I finally let my ex go for good…i chose 2 b hurt for a few weeks vs. A lifetime of hurt with him.” It’s a great decision on her part, to see both sides of choosing to break up with her boyfriend. Because there are always two sides … Read more

Life Coach – Too in love for a successful marriage?

Sometimes we’re too in love with our spouse to like them! Heavy-duty being-in-love can bring out our ugly side – jealously and insecurity. This evening I was asked why my marriage didn’t work out. “I was too in love to like my wife,” I said. “I was too jealous and insecure and I didn’t know … Read more