What’s Your Prize?

Going from Ds and Fs to 3rd-in-my-class with an A meant switching from hardly studying in the American River College cafeteria to consistently finishing my homework every Tuesday and Thursday (the same days homework was assigned) at home. This “same day” cycle was crucial because I’m lazy AF and it’s easy for me to “put it off ’til tomorrow” (which always ended up being Sunday night at 10pm – UGH).

Question: What motivated me to switch routines – and stay disciplined?

Answer: I wanted a 100% care-free, pressure-free, panic-free, cram-free Sunday. That’s it! That’s all I wanted.

Finishing my homework on Tuesday and Thursday (the days it was assigned) meant I got the exact prize I was after: a care-free Sunday!

Shopping for Mom is Harder than I Thought

Asked Mom what her favorite store was in Sacramento to shop for clothes. “The Cotton Club,” she immediately said.

So I visited The Cotton Club at 2331 J St, Sacramento, CA.

Super-friendly and helpful service. I bought 2 blouses for Mom – who’s 80 years old and can be a bit difficult to shop for. Picked up a Cut Loose brand green top and a Neon Buddha brand dark putty green-brown top. She likes them both, especially the Cut Loose top.

Confidence Workshop – P2O Hot Pilates – Sept 22, 2018

Big thanks to Lindy Hobbs, co-owner of P2O Hot Pilates & Fitness, for a 3rd-year invite to teach a Confidence Workshop module during her Pilates Teacher Training intensive!

“I can sense when a Pilates instructor is confident or not confident just by the way they present themselves, and how they speak.” – Melody, Sept 22, 2018 workshop participant

Learn more about my 2-hour Confidence Workshop for your Pilates instructors

Learn more about my 2-hour Confidence Workshop for your Pilates instructors