The Body Language Of A Genius

Watch Glenn Gould’s body language when he’s playing piano: he throws his hands up in the air he sways his head to-and-fro he looks like he’s muttering to himself he looks weird And he’s brilliant! I’m sure some people think he’s overly dramatic, even cartoonish, but Gould is smart enough – and self-aware enough – … Read more

Self Awareness – Gary Vaynerchuk and Ray Dalio

Self awareness has become Gary Vaynerchuk‘s most passionate mantra. Self-awareness allows people to recognize what things they do best so they can then go hard on those aspects of their life. It also helps you accept your weaknesses. –Gary Vaynerchuk Source: We Need to Talk About the Importance of Self-Awareness Hedge fund billionaire, Ray Dalio, lives … Read more

Are You Crushing Your Child's Future?

I guess adults don’t really mean it when they say “dance like no one is watching” or “live in the moment” or “just be yourself.” The scene: Father and daughter are playing chess at Naked Lounge coffeehouse in Sacramento, CA. Daughter starts singing lyrics to a song. Father: “Stop singing and focus (on the game).” … Read more