Soy And Kale Are Kicking Your Thyroid's Ass!

Hypothyroidism and Soy don’t play well together! Talk to your doctor before implementing any of the following super-badass options* Soy Protein Isolate and Isolated Soy Protein apparently like to punk your thyroid. So, these ingredients are not recommended for us Hypothyroidism peeps. I came across this info on Joe Cross’s blog Reboot With Joe (the guy from the … Read more

How To Get My Lazy-Ass Thyroid To Pick Up The Pace

My doctor looked at my lab results and said, “Your Thyroid is functioning slowly.” So, naturally, I yelled at my Thyroid to pick up the pace! After picking up my prescription for L-Thyroxine, I shared my slow-ass Thyroid story with my Facebook friends. Most of the responses were kinda worthless (at least initially): “Check out some dietary fixes before … Read more