An Important Lesson About “What’s Best”

April 3, 2017, I presented my 2017 Toastmasters International Speech Contest speech for the first time out loud in front of my Capital City Toastmasters club. Plenty of rough-and-tumble mistakes, including a totally botched opening. It was awesome! You can view the full “Mistakes & All” video here. The third point in my speech was discovering the … Read more

Darren LaCroix – How To Find The Best Speaking Topics For You

Outline from Darren LaCroix’s “How To Find The Best Speaking Topics For You” Instead of “What do I say”?, ask “How do I help people”? There are “hot” topics, but the important question is: “What’s YOUR topic”? Your value is your ability to change perspective! The true value of your presentation is “perspective.” Think: where … Read more

Public Speaking Tip: The 4-Hour Speech Draft

Draft a speech on Monday to be delivered 4 days later, on Friday. Turns out I spent only 4 hours crafting the 10 minute speech. And it went really well! Inspired by an article in Toastmaster Magazine’s April 2011 edition entitled “How to Write Your Speech in One Hour” (pg. 8), I set out with … Read more