Testimonials from 2005, when DesignParc Fashion was in full-effect.

“In a world where so many people are trying to profit off of people’s dreams, it is completely refreshing to find DesignParc. Reid Walley is the consummate professional and genuine gentleman of days long past. He is extremely knowledgeable and completely inspiring. DesignParc is the place for people who still believe in dreams and ideals. You’ll leave DesignParc feeling even more of the magic that dances in your heart.”

Kimberly Robichaud

“We had an extremely wonderful experience with both the shoot itself and the outcome of the photos. It was a pleasure working with Bethany and Candace, we would surely love to work with them again in the future. David and Reid were also wonderful to work with. Efficient and personable! I also must add that Kamla was extremely professional and talented!”

Jackie Love
Shakti Fashions

“My appreciation and thanks go out to designParc and its participants each and every time a show, meeting, phone call, email, or contact goes through. I always walk away feeling wanted, beautiful, and like a part of something incredible. If ever there were a positive experience in my life to brag about, this would be it – in its entirety.”

Gaylyn de Witt

“A great experience! Everyone was professional and willing to answer all of my questions. High integrity saturates this company.”

Brittney Barnett

“A very professional production. You made sure all of the fine points were covered while, at the same time, making everyone feel comfortable.”

David Howe
Fonetic Films
Film Producer/Director & Photographer