Great And Different

“Thanks for joining us Reid – I thought the discussion on stage vs audience left/right was good and emphasis on taking on the task making the audience comfortable was great and different.”

Jenny Mohler
Club Officer Capital City Toastmasters #142
Sacramento, CA
April 11, 2022

I Left Confident And Empowered

“Reached out to Reid Walley because my career is needing me to break free from my anxiety and be able to confidently deliver public speeches/pitches. I start out confident [when I speak], but quickly my literacy starts to dwindle! My heart starts beating out of my chest, hands shaking, voice trembling and my vocab drops to a scope of um’s and uh’s.

“Reid Walley was nice enough to invite me to his Toastmasters International public speaking workshop! Little did I know I would become part of the workshop but it seriously put me on the right path! He delicately went through each factor standing in my way and I left confident and empowered not only to start implementing the advice, tips and changes I learned but inspired to have someone in my corner pushing me to overcome my obstacles!

“Very grateful for you my friend Reid Walley and cannot wait to kick this obstacle’s butt!!”

K.J. Zingapan, Founder Black Zebra Productions, after participating in my monthly public speaking workshop at Capital City Toastmasters #142 in Sacramento, CA
Feb 12, 2020

Asset To Help Your Team

“Reid is a dynamic speaker. I love the creativity and energy he brings to his presentations. I have seen Reid help the most soft-spoken introverts embrace their individuality and become stronger speakers. Reid would be a fabulous asset to help your team.”

Kristi Beres, Program Quality Director at Toastmasters District 39
Feb 2020

So Many Compliments

“I have gotten so many compliments on this The Greatest Technology Is Love™ t-shirt from Reid Walley at Disneyland today.”

Krys Blackwood The Greatest Technology Is Love T-shirt + Disneyland Aug 2019
Krys Blackwood wearing The Greatest Technology Is Love™ t-shirt

Krys “Shodoshan” Blackwood
Aug 2019

“The world needs you as a life coach! You’ve helped so many people with just being yourself!”

Black Zebra Productions, Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn
Aug 2019

“I felt uncomfortable, had jitters, clammy hands, and in the back of my mind I was saying Kevin what are you thinking. Long story short, as I walked away I realized opportunities like this builds my abilities and confidence to become a better story teller. So thank you Reid for giving me that opportunity [during your July 2019 Toastmasters 30-min Public Speaking Demo].”

Kevin Woods, Jr.
Sacramento, CA
July 2019

“Wow! Thank you so much for the feed back! You’re great. Definitely making the font size bigger and using one hand to keep my place. I do want to project [my voice] more, I need to practice that. I forgot to bring a water bottle and my throat (of course) felt drier because I had no water. I love your suggestions and making the connection with you.”

Anne Sanger
Sacramento, CA
July 2019

“Thanks Reid – I appreciate the energy, experience and openness you bring with the interactive [public speaking] demos!”

Jenny Mohler, Former President
Capital City Toastmasters #142
Sacramento, CA
April 2019

“I love this Every Floor Is A Dance Floor™ Racerback Tank and ordered the black one. YOU, my friend, are one of the best people I know. I will always support you because you are an incredible talent. You’re wisdom and knowing is out-the-roof. And I admire how you champion your fellow man. You’re always giving credit and accolade to others. Bravo you Reid Walley. I love you!”

Cat Stahl, Facebook | Instagram
Nov 2018

“I’ve known Reid for years and he has ALWAYS radiated a vibrant and contagious positive energy! I love being in his presence. He is smart, funny, loving, kind, and very wise in soooo many ways! I’m so grateful I can call him my friend.”

Denice Challender-Slater, Owner
West Coast Martial Arts on the Move | Facebook
Nov 2018

“Look at my awesome [The Greatest Technology Is Love™] T-shirt from Reid Walley! Reid is a fantastic human being and this shirt combines three of my fave things: Love, Design, and Tech. I’m lucky to have friends like him.”

Krys Blackwood (nee Taylor)
The Greatest Technology Is Love™ t-shirt customer
July 2018

“Satisfied customer, bro. Shirt quality is comfortable fitting. Print is top-notch quality, assuming it’s a direct-to-garment print? 3X fits perfect. Love my shirt!”

Lott Moafanua
Analog t-shirt customer
June 2018

“I love this guy! He’s taught a [speaking/confidence] workshop to every [Pilates] Teacher Training group of mine and they will all tell you how great he is!”

Lindy Hobbs, Owner
P2O Hot Pilates & Fitness
Sacramento, CA
June 2018

“Thank you Reid! You always have great tips for [public speaking] improvement and feedback.”

Jaytika Nand, Member
Capital City Toastmasters #142
Sacramento, CA
June 2018

Great Suggestions

“Brilliant man; has so many great suggestions from his tool-belt. Definitely recommend him as a [speech] coach.”

Jonathan Faridian
Future lawyer, and member of Capital City Toastmasters #142
Sacramento CA
April 2018

Best Evaluation Of All Time

“Tonight I was fortunate enough to hear one of the best [Toastmasters] evaluations of all time, delivered by Reid Walley for an Ice Breaker speech [presented by Helena Rhim at Capital City Toastmasters #142, April 9, 2018]. Wow.”

Jonathan Cullifer
Division H Director, District 39 Toastmasters International
Sacramento CA
April 2018

Helps Take My Professional Life To A New Level

“Reid is very empathetic, intelligent, listens without judgement and helps me hone in on issues I may be avoiding or I’m not even aware I’m struggling with. He offers me concrete tools which helps take my professional life to a new level. He’s also been an enormous help in improving my public speaking skills, and I look forward to putting into action everything he teaches me.”

Sara Allen
Director, Jewish Teen Education & Engagement Funder Collaborative
Sacramento CA
December 2017

I Was Able To Make Snap Decisions To Turn Things Around

“I started working with Reid during an incredibly tumultuous period in the first year of building my company. His insight, feedback, and advice was invaluable to turning things around during a time when it looked like things were going to come to a swift end.

“I was able to make snap decisions to turn things around and he was key in helping me develop, understand, and come to truly trust my own senses as a business person.

“Without a shadow of a doubt, I can credit his counsel as an invaluable piece of the equation that really brought us back from the depths.

“His professionalism, willing, open, and gracious correspondence are pieces of his service that really are priceless.

“I would recommend his service to any founder or business owner in any field without second thought. Absolutely awesome!”

Sean Villagracia
Founder, Republic Development & Design
Sacramento CA
November 2017

Thank You So Much

“Thank you again for being so encouraging to me about photography. [Photography has] been a passion my entire life but I never would have pursued it without your positivity and kindness. I’ve been in a few art shows, got a scholarship, and will have a certificate pretty soon. So thank you so much. I feel like I owe a lot of it to you.”

Tricia “Kava Turtle” Ikarokuna
California Bay Area Photographer
October 2017

A Wealth Of Knowledge

“It was great working with Reid! He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to speaking and how to engage the audience.”

Shane Barker
Owner, Shane Barker Consulting
Sacramento CA
September 2017

Great Insight

“Reid’s interactive talk on addressing fear in public speaking offered great insight into specific tactics and practices that speakers can introduce into their speeches at Toastmasters. He covered some of the physical aspects that get us sometime — from addressing the butterflies, managing a comfortable stance, and the dealing with the shakes. He used examples from his own experience and showed us what to do by having audience members come up and share. A great perspective on public speaking and a friendly, informative format.”

Jenny Mohler
Former President, Capital City Toastmasters #142
June 2017

Helped Double Our Sales; Build An Incredible Team Culture

“Reid has been a large factor for the growth, efficiency, and culture of my company. His value has come in many different forms: From helping to clarify our strengths and weaknesses to refining our operations, to inspiring me to achieve more than what I thought was possible…

“Since working with Reid, he has helped me refine and improve:

  • My sales strategy and client on-boarding process
  • Our company operations and team dynamics
  • Self-discipline and self-education practices
  • My vision for myself and my company

“Additionally, Reid continuously re-energizes me, reminds me where to put my focus, and motivates me to push beyond my expectations. All of this and more has contributed to us doubling our sales over the past year and building an incredible team culture. I highly recommend working with Reid if you’re a motivated individual who wants to step up their game to a new level.”

Adam Weil
Owner, Websauce Studio
Sacramento CA
June 2017

Everyone Walked Out Of The Workshop With A Lot More Confidence

“Reid’s energy and enthusiasm were contagious and everyone walked out of the workshop with a lot more confidence and excitement than we could’ve ever imagined! Reid was able to get 100% participation during the “Make Eye Contact” and “Use Body Language” portion of his ‘Be Yourself On Stage’ workshop and he even brought I Love Lucy back to life, providing us with that sitcom’s entire stage set-up and how you can effectively “Use Your Stage” while you speak!

“He also gave members different techniques to help “Deal with Butterflies” and what you can do when you have that “um, um, um” moment on-stage when you (heaven forbid) lose your train of thought.

“Reid you rock!”

Jayne Nielsen
Club President, Pop-Up Toastmasters Club
March 2017

A Very Useful Perspective

“Reid presented a 45-minute session on using body language in speeches at my club. He put an unusual spin on the topic and approached it from a very useful perspective for our members by discussing not just how to use body language to illustrate your points, but also how to use body language to overcome anxiety about speaking. Reid gave a professional presentation, engaged the audience, and handled questions well. We would absolutely recommend and invite him back!”

Melanee Cottrill
Vice President, Education, Bits ’N Speeches Toastmasters Club
March 2017

Your Presentation Brought A Spark

“All I can say is wow and thank you. Thank you for giving us a new way to look at how we can grow our local Toastmaster clubs by being the living testaments of growth. Your presentation brought a spark and revival to each and every person present. Thank you for spending your evening with Division C.”

Vonetta Roseman
Division C Director, Toastmasters District 39
February 2017

Endless Opportunities

“Happy Birthday to the man who “gave me my start in fashion”, who “discovered” me at Deux Gros Nez [coffeehouse], who gave me endless opportunities to feel amazing about myself and who opened many doors for me. You deserve the world on your Birthday.”

Christina Keidel (nee Martin)


“You’re one of the best guys I know, Reid. Love your wisdom and clarity.”

Cat Stahl
Nashville, TN

Bursts Of Motivation

“We are grateful for your bursts of motivation and how you never forget about us even though we haven’t seen each other in real life for years. Oh yeah, and for your dope-ass dance moves.”

Eric & Corrie Aglia, owners
Dance Bootcamp
Reno, NV

Really Inspiring!

“Just wanted to say thank you for all of the things you’re doing. There’s some kids around here who are definitely going through rough patches and though some of them think your videos are hilarious, I really think that what you’re doing is helping people and creating a positive environment. Keep it up.

“Really inspiring, thank you for everything that you do.”

Twitter: 10Frank10

An Outstanding Skill Set That All Businesses Could Use!

“I have had the pleasure of being coached by Reid when I was competing for the International Speech contest a few years ago. He is a great coach who taught me a variety of techniques that I use on a regular basis. Recently he spoke at an Open House for my club, Capital Communicators Toastmasters, and did such a great job that 4 people said they want to join. Reid is an amazing person with an outstanding skill set that all businesses could use. Hire Reid, you won’t be sorry.”

Julie Mattox
Former Area 52 Governor, District 39, Toastmasters International
Sacramento, CA

So Impressed We Hired Him Again!

“Reid runs an amazing workshop! I have had Reid run a two hour Public Speaking / Confidence workshop for my P2O Hot Pilates teachers-in-training classes twice a year since 2015. Reid is entertaining and does a great job at helping bring our future Instructors out of their shell, and feel more comfortable speaking and expressing themselves in front of a group. Reid has been a great addition to our Teacher Training program!”

Lindy Hobbs, Owner
P2O Hot Pilates & Fitness
Sacramento, CA

Reid Brought His A-Game!

“Reid spoke for an event which I was the chairperson. He delighted the audience with his speech, showed up prepared, and was very professional. He brought his A-Game! If you need a speaker, he will deliver!”

Jennifer Darling
Business Growth Consultant

A Great Listener

“Reid is a great professional to work with. He has a successful consultative approach. He is a great listener and fully understands what your goals are, and where you are at before giving advice. His creative resolutions are helpful and valuable. Reid leads also by example, challenging himself to reach higher goals. His perseverance and dedication to overcoming fears and obstacles has resulted in him becoming a great public speaker! Recently, he won the Toastmasters District Competition for best Inspirational Speech! I’ve known Reid for over 3 years and admire him for his advice and personal growth. His consultation will help you achieve your goals.”

Marc Gabris
Chapter Founder, Sacramento State Toastmasters
Toastmasters International, District 39

Lessons Learned

“Reid shared his experiences as a Toastmaster and speech contest winner at our 2013 District Fall Conference. He was able to impart his lessons learned to his audience in a personal way that they could apply to themselves.”

Brian Hatano
2013 Lt. Governor Education and Training
Toastmasters International, District 39

A Good Combination

“You are a good instructor…patient, insightful and knowledgeable. A good combination!”

Keith Warren Walley
Christian fiction author

I Was Able To Deliver A Better Speech

“Was reading your blog post prior to my 5 minute work presentation via phone to 100 participants. By using the techniques you wrote about, I was able to deliver a better speech. Thank you for taking the time to blog about your approach prior to and during speeches.”

Jenny Mohler
President, Capital City Toastmasters #142, Sacramento, CA

Quickly Brings Clarity

“Reid quickly brings clarity, focus and effective strategies to entrepreneurs navigating challenging situations.”

Kane Dutt
Founder, CURB Systems, Reno, NV

You So Rock

“Reid Walley…you so rock! Thank you for looking to your left and right and spotting people such as myself. Your support is invaluable. You have no idea how far we designers and hopefuls ride on your kind ways/words. I love you.”

Cat Stahl
Designer and owner, Onward Kitty
Nashville, TN

Brilliant Advice

“Thank you, again, for your brilliant advice. You sure are talented at getting to the root of things. Much appreciated, Reid!”

Eva Slover
Advocate for empowering communities through mind-body health and wellness
Sacramento, CA

You Opened My Eyes

“Ever since having that conversation with you a few months ago, you definitely opened my eyes to a whole new world. Combined with your Facebook updates, I want to thank you for being an inspirational and motivational figure in my life. Keep up the good work!”

Will Rodriguez
Creative design professional
Sacramento, CA

You Are A True Inspiration

“We enjoy all your posts on living a quality life! You are a true inspiration, Reid Walley! Calling all Facebook friends… please take a moment and play on my friend Reid Walley‘s page! It is loaded with so much great information! He is one of the most inspirational, fun, and motivating people I have ever met! Take a moment to get to know him! You’ll be glad you did!”

Corrie Aglia
Zumba Fitness & Light Vibe Performing Arts Center
Sedona, AZ

Thanks For Your Charity Work

“Reid, you are such a blessing. Thank you for all your selfless, wonderful, top notch work for our charity and all that you do.”

Kristian Darling
Hope for the Holidays, JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)
Reno, NV

Phenomenal Insights

“As always, I enjoy our humorous and “productive” meetings together. I want you to know how much I appreciate the way you not only “listen,” but you “hear” what I’m saying to you. You have a way of processing quickly and giving phenomenal insights.

“I always feel enriched and re-energized after our meetings. You help me see things from a different perspective and push me to step out of the box a bit.

“There are many potential distractions during our public meetings (ie. gorgeous women walking about;) however, you remain focused on our time together. I respect and appreciate that about you!”

Jeanine Calandri
Retirement planning and asset management consultant
Sacramento, CA

Very Relevant

“I just watched your YouTube video “If you don’t follow your passion, you suck” and was thoroughly impressed.

“I’m doing my 10th [Toastmasters] speech this week and wanted to say thank you for the inspiration. You truly are an amazing speaker. I found the link to your website on YouTube and it seems as though you also have a successful business. The company I work for, BluEra, builds evolved and awakened teams from executive search and team transformation practices. Much of what you said in your speech was very relevant to what I see and do in a given day.

“Best of luck with your business and thank you again for posting your video, it was a pleasure to watch.”

Hilary May Smith
Toastmasters member
Calgary, Canada

An Excellent Choice

“Reid was an excellent choice as a speaker for our 25th Annual Meeting. He held the audience’s attention from the minute he started to the end!”

Kathy Tescher
Executive Director, North Franklin Boulevard Business District, Sacramento, CA


“You have that awesome ability to make people want to go far.”

Hillary Schieve
Reno Mayor, Entrepreneur, and Tech Advocate

Finds A Solution To Jump Start Your Current Business

“Can I just say: AMAZING! He’s got a great way of asking the right questions to get to the core of the issues, whether you have a small business of 5 or 25, that’s what Reid does: identify the issue and find a solution to jump start your current business and take it BEYOND the next level. Professional, knowledgeable, resourceful, witty, fun and last and definitely not least… genuine and realistic.”

Dao Tran
Sacramento, CA

“Hey Reid, want to say thank you for all the business coaching. It has really helped my business and gang prevention ministry grow leaps and bounds. The knowledge, wisdom and resources you have provided have been priceless.  God bless.”

Ray Johnson
Author of Thug Mentality Exposed; Founder & Director of Thug Exposed
Sacramento, CA

“I swear, you coaching, is what you were meant to do!”

Jessica Lee
Reno, NV

“Thank you for blessing Shine On Sisters today with your presence 🙂 You rocked as expected and really connected with the girls. You brought your Reid Walley magic with you and we all appreciated it! We would love to have you back!!”

Lateka Stanley
Founder/Director, Shine On Sisters
Sacramento, CA

“I like your posts…seriously, no smoke…because your posts are short and sweet and diverse. I look at what you suggest because I have found, by following you, that you are always spot on. I always come away smarter, better advised and philosophically enlightened. :)”

Cathy Stahl
Reno, NV

“You’re a great life coach and a great example!”

Brandon Greathouse
Owner, Greathouse of Dance / Co-founder Press P.L.A.Y dance company
Sacramento, CA

“Anyone lucky enough to get you for a life coach is truly blessed. In fact I will be your client as soon as I’ve graduated. You Sir, rock. You were born to be a life coach, changing the way people look at life.”

Heather Easdon
Reno, NV

“I truly enjoy your positive energy and am so grateful for it in my life!!! Wish I could hire you!”

Zoe Sherry Yates
Reno, NV

“I have always loved and respected your attitude, zeal, generosity, and kindness that you show in the way you live your life and treat people. Thank you!!”

Kristian Darling
Reno, NV

“Reid Walley is a great guy to follow [at]. He’s a motivational speaker that truly gets speaking.”

James Feudo
July 2010

“I really appreciate your influence and your positive effect in my life. You really know how to inspire! And I like the fact that you are about helping people empower themselves. What you offer is something good and useful…it’s refreshing.”

Zoe Sherry Yates
Reno, NV
July 29, 2010

“My husband and I are studying together to stay together. [And] I totally agree that it’s a good example to your children. Love your [speaking] style!”

Terry Ammirati, member
Hewlett-Packard Northside Toastmasters, District 39
Roseville, CA
July 22, 2010

“Your [speech] delivery is incredible!”

Kevin Levine, V.P. Education
Hewlett-Packard Northside Toastmasters, District 39
Roseville, CA
July 22, 2010

“Thanks very much Reid for your time and energy [presenting your “Study Together; Stay Together – Marriage 101” speech]. I believe you have a very important message that I plan on utilizing in my life and business to help others. But most importantly is that you are going to relate and touch people’s lives…”

Kevin Levine, V.P. Education
Hewlett-Packard Northside Toastmasters, District 39
Roseville, CA
July 22, 2010

“Thank you so much!! I so appreciate you as a person and for all your hard work and guidance you give us for the charity projects. You are just a great human being!!”

Kristian Darling, founder
JDRF’s (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) Hope For The Holidays
Reno, NV
July 15, 2010

“The ‘Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind’ quote by Dr. Seuss you posted helped a lot. It took me a minute to take a deep breath and reflect on the quote, and it [so] made my day that I shared it with others. Thank you for all your help, much appreciated.”

Augie Cordero
Las Vegas, NV
July 15, 2010

“Love reading your page and think you are always so right on. Reid Walley you are a breath of fresh air! Such a smart man!”

Cathy Stahl
Reno, NV
July 14, 2010

“You are a blessing. Thank you! …your words of wisdom. God speaks through you, and you allow Him to.”

Carrie Sefton
Reno, NV
June 17, 2010

“I received so many good ideas from you and you taught me how to direct them in a positive direction.”

Jenny Zelez
Anchorage, AK
June 6, 2010

“You are so motivating! I’m so glad that you’re in this line of [life coaching] work because you’re amazing at it. A lot of the things you’re posting [on your blog and on Facebook] are very inspiring to me, as well as Corrie. And you spark a lot of conversation between us. Keep up the amazing work!”

Eric Aglia
Sedona, AZ
May 17, 2010

“Your posts always make me either smile or think… You rock!”

Alisa Ayn Daly
Chandler, AZ
May 16, 2010

“[Reid], you do have the ability to make people want to go far. Your positive energy is infectious.”

Cathy Stahl
Reno, NV
Apr 2010

“Thank you so much for being our model speaker. You did a fabulous job. You brought a lot of enthusiasm to our contest. I do believe that you are well on your way to becoming a professional speaker. I was so happy to not be your evaluator because I would have had to really reach for some suggestions for improvement. I am anxious to hear more of your speeches.”

MJ Kelly
Toastmasters Division F Governor, District 39
Auburn, CA
Apr 2010

“It was actually a pleasure to have you last night as our model speaker. You definitely raised the bar for future model speakers at the [Toastmasters] Division level; you are a professional speaker.  I personally appreciated that you took your personal time on a Friday night to share with us an outstanding speech.”

Alcides Hernandez
Toastmasters Area 61 Governor, District 39
Auburn, CA
Apr 2010

“WOW!!! AWESOME! I loved Marriage 101!!!”

Corrie Aglia (Hughes)
Sedona, AZ

“As usual, your [life coaching] insight is invaluable!”

Denice Challender, Owner
Martial Arts on the Move, Reno, NV

“Wow, I really needed to hear that [quotation from The Four Agreements] right now….hmmm. So strange how stuff happens like that!! Good timing! You really kick ass!!”

Denice Challender, Owner
Martial Arts on the Move, Reno, NV

“…and thanks so much for your [6th Toastmasters] talk. It was the topic of our evening conversation.”

Tricia Hedahl, Toastmasters member
(in response to my 6th Toastmasters speech)
Toastmasters Speech 6 – Reid Walley – “Designing Happiness (Marriage 101)”
Area 51 Spring 2010 Contest, April 1, 2010
Sacramento, CA

“One of the best “body language” speeches I’ve heard in a long time. Very animated! That’s what makes it work. Well assembled and organized. Great way to keep focus on just a few points.”

Kevin Hrim, Toastmasters Area 51 Governor, District 39
(in response to my 5th Toastmasters speech)
Toastmasters Speech 5 – Reid Walley – “Body Language”
Capital City Toastmasters #142
Sacramento, CA

“Outstanding speech! Thanks for sharing.”

Sarah Picker, Toastmasters evaluator
(in response to my 4th Toastmasters speech)
Toastmasters speech 4 – “Death, And What We Do With It”
Capital City Toastmasters #142
Sacramento, CA

“Reid, I totally knew I could count on you for insight and vocabulary eloquence! You are totally frickin’ awesome dude! Thanks!!!”

Denice Challender, Owner
Martial Arts on the Move, Reno, NV

“I can’t thank you enough for our chat last night, it was very eye opening and good for me to hear! Now time to make a difference.”

Monique Sanchez
Sacramento, CA

“Reid, thank you! You were so entertaining, deep, and funny!”

Shawna Phillips
Sacramento, CA

“Thanks. Your professionalism is really showing!”

Tom Mornini
Sacramento, CA

“Thanks again for your insight. The thing that keeps resonating with me is, ‘you don’t have to be the expert in everything.’ This is changing the way I look at my business. Thanks!”

Renée Mungas
Sacramento, CA

“I really appreciate the energy and enthusiasm you bring to every meeting! You’re such a GREAT presenter!”

Charlisa Hudson, member
Capital City Toastmasters #142
Sacramento, CA

“Enthusiasm and passion was the first thing I noticed. His general energy has helped my considerably. Reid is now my life coach.”

Nicole Cecil
Sacramento, CA

“You inspire me to work hard. Life and business coaching is truly your calling!”

Jenny Zelez
Anchorage, Alaska

I love how you’ve inspired me and encouraged me with your wisdom!”

C. Italy
Reno, Nevada

“You have that awesome ability to make people want to go far!”

Hillary Schieve, Owner
Plato’s Closet Reno
Reno, Nevada

“Among Reid’s many talents lies an exceptional business/executive coach. Reid has an uncanny ability to quickly bring clarity, focus, and effective strategies to executives and entrepreneurs navigating challenging situations.”

Kane Dutt, Founder & Chairman
Secure Storage Technologies, LLC
Reno, Nevada

“Reid, I couldn’t have asked to have met a more wonderful human being on this planet or elsewhere. You truly are a Godsend to me, and better friend and life coach than I could have ever imagined existed out there. You are simply amazing.”

C. Italy
Reno, Nevada

“You are such an inspiration, such a wonderful friend. You have decorated my soul and are forever a part of who I am, you are INCREDIBLE. Oh yeah and thanks for the kind words to my hubby about dreams!!!! You bring life to dreams, such a talent!”

Corrie Aglia
Light Vibe Performing Arts Center
Rimrock, Arizona

“You are the most positive person ever! You always have something good to say.”

Julee Lee
Reno, Nevada

“[After your life coaching yesterday] I don’t recall a morning that I woke up truly and genuinely happy/joyous until THIS morning. It was ALL thanks to you. It was the conversation of my life. THE BEST. [Your life coaching is] by far the best thing that has EVER crossed my path. I thank my God for you with everything in me. Thank you. Bless you… I’m eternally grateful.”

C. Italy
Reno, Nevada

“… Most importantly, your ever cheerful demeanor made this entire experience just wonderful. Thanks for your brilliant work Reid!”

Ashley Maurin, Proprietaire
LOVER Cosmetics
Kansas City, Missouri

“I love that Reid Walley is my life coach because of the deep sense of understanding he has. He truly hears me, then responds with kind and sincere honesty, passion, and helpful advise, along with realistic steps for me to take, in order to better my everyday life experiences. In my latest meeting with Reid Walley, I had some eye opening, aka “light bulb moments”, that really gave me a new and fresh point of view. These will be extremely helpful for me, especially while I’m raising my child!”

C. Italy
Reno, Nevada

“I would certainly pay to hear you speak.”

Corrie Aglia, Owner
Light Vibe Performing Arts Center
Rimrock, Arizona

“I went to your Life Coach site. Pretty cool; it’s a lot like the advice I received [from you] when I was having trouble. I want to thank you for all of your kindness over the years and tell you how much I appreciate all the listening you did as well as all the wisdom-sharing you did. You are truly one of a kind, Reid!”

Shannon Nunnemaker
Reno, Nevada

“THX for all your help and, as much as anything, your great positive attitude.”

Dan Victor, Owner
The Golden Rules of Life
New York City, New York