The Filter for Getting Stuff Done

Everything’s an interruption. Everything. Until we decide it isn’t.

The Filter for Getting Stuff DoneHow do we ever get anything done?!? How do gettin-stuff-done peeps get stuff done? I’ve had a chance to watch a few up close and personal. It’s obvious they have a powerful filter for deciding whether something is worth paying attention to or not.

This filter kicks in immediately after they get interrupted, and after a few minutes (or even a few seconds) a decision is made. Bam!

The Filter (for getting stuff done) says: “is this interruption going to help solve a problem for my customers, for my employees, for my business?” If the interruption is unhelpful, unrelated or uninteresting, the successful people I know simply stop paying attention and go back to what they were doing.

Note: if the interruption is an emergency, then by all means, put on your Superman or Wonder Woman outfit and go be a hero!

Photo © Nsilcock (Dreamstime.com)

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