The Law of Attraction – Filtration and Action

In response to Chris Brogan’s post, “A Scary Admission,” on his My Escape Velocity blog:

The Law of Attraction can also be viewed as The Law of Filtration – ie: whatever you focus on gets through and everything else gets filtered out. My buddy, David Howe, made his first 6 short films this way. Anybody who said he couldn’t/shouldn’t be making films – because it was too much of a dream – just got filtered out, while he continued to focus on actually making films. His *actions* attracted others to his film projects, and his focus allowed all of us to believe in what he was doing. We all helped out because he was willing to filter out both the naysayers and his own self-doubts. If you’re not willing to have a Law of Attraction/Filtration toward your passion than there’s nothing for the rest of us to be excited about on your behalf – there’s nothing for us to evangelize!

There’s also a correlate to the Law of Attraction, which is The Law of Not Being a Lazy Ass! I watched Chris Brogan’s “Overnight Success” video, when he rode down the elevator and walked out of his building into an empty, quiet, still-dark morning. Chris is not lazy! In the comments section of Chris’ A Scary Admission, Mark Dykeman gives a great example of the “golf pro visualizing the shot she or he needs to make before they do it.” It reminded me of Michael Jordan’s “MAYBE IT’S MY FAULT – Become Legendary” commercial.

There’s definitely a correlation between the Law of Attraction and not being lazy about putting all of your energy and action into your passion!

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