The Technology Automation Mindset

Do you believe in the scarcity mindset of “there will be far fewer people employed in new positions than are employed in the positions that automation will be taking away”?

The entire automotive industry sprang up in the ashes of the horse and buggy industry. Same with radio to television. Same with steam-powered ships to nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. Same with propeller-powered airplanes to jet-powered airplanes. Same with kerosene oil lamps to electricity. Same with washing boards to washing machines. Same with ice chests to refrigerators. Same with vinyl records to cassette tapes. Same with Yellow Pages to the Internet. Same with landlines to cellphones. Same with Yahoo to Google. Same with typewriters to personal computers.

Every one of those transitions created entirely new industries to support them. Entirely new jobs that didn’t exist before.

A scarcity mindset can be changed to an abundance mindset!

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